Monday, July 25, 2011

How to save money and even get some FREE agents with Kaseya’s IT Center

Here is a quick tip on how to save some money and at the same time get some free agents on your IT Center account.

It all has to do with price breaks.

Kaseya’s IT Center is sold on-demand with no commitments or requirements.  You can change the quantities at any time and the price gets better as your quantities increase.   One of the things often overlooked is price breaks.   Because there are significant price breaks at 10, 25, 50 and 100, you should be paying attention to how many agents you are purchasing.

For example, if you need 40 agents, you would pay 40 * $4.95 per month for a total of $158.00, however if you bumped your purchased quantity to 50 agents you would only pay $147.50, a savings of $10.50 AND you would get 10 more agents to use for “free”.

Below is a cheat sheet to use showing where the breaks are:

Price Breaks on Kaseya's IT Center

Another tip:   Set a calendar reminder 2 days before your billing date, and review your quantities every month.   Your billing date is the date you first paid for agents.   Adjust quantities of all purchased services then.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Improving the performance of Kaseya’s Live Connect (KLC)

The midnight oil is burning over at Kaseya’s KLC dev team, and every release makes the product better and better, however, one of the downsides is that the code has to be updated more frequently, and many report delays in connecting to their machines. In this blog article, I am going to share with you a great tip to improve your experience with KLC.

First a little background:

KLC is comprised of 7 modules wrapped up into one 15MB download.   Currently if ANY of the sub-modules change, the entire module must be downloaded, thus delaying the time it takes to connect. (Note:  this is likely to change in future release).   Since download speeds vary, connection times can be unpredictable.
Because of the consistent updates and upgrades to the Kaseya Live Connect module, you will find yourself waiting for these downloads pretty frequently, but there is a solution.

Enter the “Execute Deploy Live Connect” script.   Kaseya’s dev team created a script that does the same basic thing that happens when you try to connect using KLC… It checks to see if the latest KLC code is up-to-date, and if not, updates it.    Except now you can SCHEDULE these updates on a regular basis.

To completely change your experience with KLC, simply search for “deploy live” from the Agent Procedures tab, and schedule ALL of your computers to be updated on at least a weekly basis.  (I would suggest sometime over the weekend).
Kaseya Deploy Live Connect Script

If for any reason you can’t find the script, simply download it from here, save and import.

Once you get the code updated, connections should take about 20-30 seconds.   This is because each module needs to be checked to see if it is up to date, and it takes on average about 3 seconds per module, thus about 21 seconds.   In future release Kaseya hopes to reduce that time by using a checksum total, so that only 1 check needs to happen.